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    TV & Film

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    Installation & Setup

Our services

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    System integration

    Complex projects for TV, film & post-production studios. Wide range of solutions - cameras, NLE, VFX, grading, storage, render-farms and network infrastructure.

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    Developing engineer documentation including electrical drawings, studio & server equipment placement maps. Calculation power consumptions & interblock wiring journals.

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    Purchase orders, buys and delivery from top brands. Fully legal customs processing. Extended warranty.

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    Several engineering teams with huge installation experience in different areas of Russia. Installation of cable routes & structural elements. Warranty for work.

Our projects

  • 02-Feb-2017 | LUKOIL

    Blueprints design for corporate TV studio.

  • 15-Jan-2016 | GosTeleRadioFond

    NUCODA film restoration systems - equipment delivery, installation and setup.

  • 01-Feb-2015 | Enjoy Movies studio

    Studio upgrade - equipment delivery, installation and setup.

  • 01-Nov-2014 | TV company RGVK "Dagestan"

    TV channel upgrade - design, equipment delivery, installation and setup.

  • 15-Nov-2013 | MainRoad|Post

    Film grading system - equipment delivery, installation and setup.

  • 25-Aug-2013 | "SoyuzMultFilm" studio

    Archive storage system - equipment delivery, installation and setup.

  • 30-jan-2012 | PostColor studio

    DCP facility - equipment delivery, installation and integration into existing workflow.

  • 15-nov-2011 | "Salamandra" creative laboratory

    DI department - equipment delivery, installation and build film-to-digital grading workflow.

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